Where can I submit my application for the European Art Contest ?

On the website, click on “Participate!”, read the “entry rules” and then click on “Click here to submit your artwork”.

I submitted my contribution. I did not get any reply. Is there a problem ?

You will receive within the two weeks of your application a confirmation that your artwork complies with the entry rules of the contest. If you did not receive an answer, please contact us at info@fafce.org.

Is there an age limit to participate ?

No, everyone can participate.

Is it necessary to be a confirmed / professional artist to compete ?

No, everyone can participate.

How much does it cost to participate ?

The participation amounts to 20 € per work, within the limit of 3 works per participant.

What is the IBAN of the contest ?

You will find the IBAN at the end of the registration form.

Do I need to join a copy of the bank transfer (for registration fees) with the registration form ?

If you choose to make a bank transfer to pay your registration fees, you can join a copy of it to the registration form.

Where can I send the photo of my art work ?

You might download the photo(s) of your art work during the online registration.

Is there special requirements for materials and techniques used for the painting section ?

No, you can use any materials or techniques related to painting, drawing and graphic arts.

Music category

Would I need to send a recording (audio file) of the piece, or a score which in case will be performed by musician provided by your organisation ?

For the music category, you have to send a score. An audio file is not mandatory.

In case I send a recording, does it have to be a live recording, or the piece can be composed using software sample instruments ?

It is not mandatory to be a live recording, you can use vst instruments, mp3, wav, midi…

It is specified that the instrumentation must include a minimum of 3 of the indicated 7 instruments. Does this mean that the piece has to use only instruments taken from this group of 7 ? Or it is possible to use, in addition to these instruments, others (like for instance, synthetic instruments) ?

You have to choose between 3 and 7 instruments from the list of the Entry rules. No other instruments are allowed.

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